About me

We are a small family run business, cooking South Louisiana food in South East England. With a small family and overrun with boys I know what’s required to keep their tummy’s full.

South louisiana is known for its festivals and love of food. This comes across in the way they express the love of life in the cooking. It’s a time game, and the longer the meats are smoked, the deeper the taste and flavours. It really is food for the heart and soul.

Our meats are hot smoked over lump wood charcoal plus a handful of wood chips (in a Pitt Barrel smoker) and for a long time! Each dish is made up using a rich sauce and amazing spice mixes! And, most using the ‘holy trinity’ of ingredients (celery, green pepper and onions). It’s warmth and happiness for the heart, tummy, and soul! I am able to produce vegetarian dishes, meaning ‘no person is left behind’.

Where possible I try to use local suppliers; our friendly village butchers are the best!

I am an enthusiastic character and love to entertain (in the catering sense!) my passion for cooking started way back when I couldn’t survive on baked beans and toast any longer. But my driving force is my two boys, who seem to never stop eating!

We are available for parties & corporate events. And you will find us at a few food festivals, street markets, and fairs.